Engraved plaques or name plates for your office desk or door

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Name Plates

We provide traditional engraved plaques and name plates for all types of offices and businesses. If not engraved, your name plates may be screen printed or vinyl lettered. Fix your engraved name plate to your door, or have it come with one of a variety of door and desk holders.

Commemorative Plaques

Our commemorative plaques are expertly engraved or etched to suit any occasion available in Brass, Metals or Plastic. Tailored to meet your needs, plaques can also have mounting boards made to order.


Perfect for the modern open plan office, the uniquely designed pyramid sits on top of a computer or desk. With four faces, it can be viewed from all angles. Again, they can come in variety of colours: standard black, red for Fire Marshall, and green for a First Aid Monitor.


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Name plates, engraved, screen printed or vinyl lettered


Pyramids for the modern office


Commemorative plaques in brass, metal or plastic


All work carried out by professional engravers

Brass Engraving